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Strik Interim-management & Advice stands for over 30 years of experience in financial management. SIA is the specialist in commodity finance!


SIA has available a very extended network in many areas which will guarantee that the right parties will join to support you. SIA acts as an intermediator between banks, investors and commodity companies and it supports demanders and suppliers requesting finance, the making of business-plans and the development of your company strategy.

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It is the speciality of SIA to mediate between financing providers and financing inquirers. The entrepreneur has a vision, SIA takes care of the right presentation and development of the business plan. SIA assists in negotiations with potential financing providers and guarantees the best possible outcome.

Management Support

Entrepreneurs take action. Of course you have a vision, but it is mainly in your head. SIA helps you as a sparring partner – is my vision still right? The making of a reasoned well planned, sensible and concrete business-plan, market analysis, SWOT-analyses and multiple year financial forecasting is the speciality of SIA.

Strategy Development

You have a successful company. Good people, a beautiful product, excellent financial results. But what will the future bring? What will come your way and how should you anticipate to remain successful. What will my company look like when I want to retire in a couple of years? SIA takes care of a structured plan that will help you go forward.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. Does your company balance the social and economic outcome of its decisions? Many companies even go beyond that and are aiming at new markets and business-models which will benefit People, Planet and Profit. SIA supports the implementation of your CSR while focusing on making your future profit sustainable.

The highest mountains are surrounded by the lowest valleys.



A strong financial management is a core condition for a healthy company. Correct, complete and prompt management information, in- and external reporting, cash management and liquidity planning are crucial. Based on 30 years of experience SIA knows what is necessary and above all, how to achieve this.


Everybody is convinced that the selected projects are crucial for the company’s future, but does the project management require too much time from the existing management team? SIA is specialized in complex projects and the accomplishment of necessary changes.


Crisis management requires a fast and bold approach. Key is the communication between all stake holders, like entrepreneur, banks, tax authorities, etc. to get and maintain trust. SIA has a lot of experience and a successful track record in this area.

About René Strik

I am an entrepreneur who thrives on getting people to collaborate and produce results. In my personal live I am a fervent athlete who loves to work for the community.

I am a well-rounded financial professional (RC, EMFC) with a specialization in commodity finance and international trade. I bring an extensive network and have a broad international experience in USA, Latin America and Asia. I am happy to commit my knowledge and network for you.

René Strik - Well-rounded financial professional specialized in international trade

"The highest mountains are surrounded by the lowest valleys".

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